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- ABOUT 0046

0046 is the first international set-up platform for modern Swedish design, culture and lifestyle in the world.

Sweden has reached an important position thanks to Swedish brands, companies and individual operators in trend setting design, music, film, food and advertising, that have successfully succeeded in positioning themselves as the best in the world within their fields.

With more than fifteen years of international experience of Swedish fashion the 0046 team initiated and organized the big and successful fashionevents in Paris - ³Vive la Suéde², ³From Stockholm with Love² and ³Swedish Attraction².

0046 Business and platform
0046 provides the best possibilities, with the most efficient tools, for Swedish talents and brands within fashion, design, music, media and high tech through international rollout and expansion, with a position among the world¹s best brands as a goal.

0046 is an independent organization built on expertise, understanding and networks directly from the international markets with a Swedish guidance. The team´s work within communication, PR, press, events, sales will increase brand awareness and value on the relevant markets.

The platform will be active and under constant change in order to provide the best exposure of brands within different categories of operators and in different situations, to create relationships, give experience and communicate knowledge.

0046 defines its range of brands from an identified target group, where the individuals are design -and cultural-oriented, open minded with high global awareness .They make deliberate choices and strive to make a difference.The brands they choose match their expectations.

The strength of 0046 is to focus on the highest credibility in the target group, global network and cross-disciplines. Sweden has a lot of hidden treasures and one of the world¹s most modern lifestyles.

-This will be a guideline for 0046 and leading as to how brands will be communicated through 0046.

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