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Annjansdotter is a unique Swedish brand providing exquisite and exclusive shoes using the finest leathers and materials.
Each individual shoe is lovingly handcrafted to life with the attention to detail the design so richly deserves. The brainchild
of Gothenburg born Rebecka Bergstrand. Together with her knowledge, expertise, verve and “wicked eye for design” she has created a fresh and exciting range of luxury shoes known as “annjansdotter”. Based in Madrid, Rebecka is a fashion masters graduate of the Istituto Europeo di design who has worked alongside a host of leading shoe designers, manufacturers and exclusive luxury stores in Madrid to further their designs, shoes and image before launching her own “alta gama” shoe range
to satisfy the hunger for a shoe that transforms any outfit to a million dollars.

What is annjansdotter?
Annjansdotter is exquisite design, loving work and the finest materials…….exactly what every woman deserves.

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