Founded in Stockholm, april 2005 by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi. gram produces shoes that reflect the present, yet rely on the past. Materials are always at the core of every collection together with a strong Scandinavian design aesthetic, creating a uniquely wearable, high quality product in limited numbers.
Rahnsäter is a Swedish, High-End bag brand making exclusive leather goods. The bags are produced in small quantities to secure top quality and uniqueness. Five collections.
Pudel believes in the androgynous expression. They make gender free garments
with clean cuts and conceptual detailing, mainly in monochrome shades.
The collection is classic in nature, but with that special twist. A mishmash fashion if you like.The fit is the key: oversized meets Saville. Row, super tight fits next to looser ones. It's all in the combination.
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