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- Interview with Jan Ahlgren for Jaco
_Spring/Summer 2009

-How would you define Swedish style ?
For me swedish fashion is very cleen and classic.Since I live abroad for the last 10 years the brand that I know most of is Acne although I hear that there are a lot of new interesting brands coming up.

-You are Swedish, do you look at Jaco as a Swedish brand ?
No I do not at all see Jaco as a Swedish brand. We have our head office in New York and we take a lot of insparation from there. Also our designer Amelia is originally from Denmark Jaco is the result of all these different international inspiration and and I want people to see at it as art.

-What signifies Jaco ?
We make clothes for people that apriciate well designed clothes. We don’t design our clothes for one special target group, we design clothes that we stand for and like and then its up to people to decide if the like it or not.

-What celebrity would you prefer to wear your clothes ?
Jim Morrison if he was alive.

- Sabina Kasper - about where and when

-Where do you find your inspiration ?
Through sub-cultures, music and my day dreams.
When I lived in Brasil a few years ago I got inspiration from the people and the dynamic culture of Brasil, I still get some ispiration from there today. The oxidental philosophy and Asian contrys is source of design inspiration seen in the materials, colours and joy.

-How would you describe your design style ?
Inovative, brave, attitude with a humoristic twist.

-How did your design change since you started to design your own brand ?
I can experiment in controversial techniques now that Im indipendent.

-What jewellery designer do you admire ?
Lydia Courteille in Paris, Pierre Hardy for Hermès, Emma Rapp in Stockholm and also Gérard Tully.

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